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The Azza XT has a 230mm blue LED super fan that is mounted to the top for maximum ventilation. The case supports both ATX and Micro ATX motherboards, with 8 PCI expansion slots. Key Features: Supports VGA card up to 340 mm Supports both ATX and Micro ATX motherboards 8 PCI expansion slots Direct airflow for increased cooling

Best Micro ATX Case Reviews - 2019 Review On top of that, it boasts a front panel made of quality brushed aluminum. It is compatible with SLI and Cross Fire technologies and boasts five expansion slots. The 350D is a micro ATX slim case with great airflow. Despite the compact size, there is plenty of room for liquid CPU cooler systems, dual full-length graphics cards, dual HDDs, and SSDs. The Best Full Tower ATX Cases of 2019 - That’s the case with the SilverStone ATX case as it’s an aluminum beauty with room for nine internal drives. This aluminum case is 2.0mm thick with a sandblasted anodized finish for a clean, modern look. It’s longer and taller than other cases at 25.26” x 25.87” x 8.82” but thinner and quite heavy at 38 pounds. PROTOCASE - 15.37L ATX - 8 PCIe slots (NV-Link friendly ... Well, I could put them back in there but it's kind of conter-intuitive to what this case begs to be used for. I'm assuming that the person who loads this case with 2 GPUs (2.7 PCIE slots each) is not going to want anything in between them. Additionally, all new ATX boards seem to be putting graphics in the second PCIe position.

Functionality and sleek minimalism blend seamlessly in the P101 Silent, a mid-tower ATX case with a well-crafted exterior and a practical internal configuration. The P101 Silent ATX case is engineered to satisfy both performance and silence ...

Are there any/many tower cases with more than 7 expansion slots, such as 10? actions · 2008-Apr-3 ... but you're highly unlikely to find an ATX case with more than 7. Of course, 8 was standard on ... nMediapc - Form Factor Micro-ATX specifies length to be 9.6 inches with width varying from 6.7 to 9.6 inches, it has three less expansion slots than standard ATX. Maximum number of expansion slots is four (4). Up to eight (8) mounting holes are available. Two are optional. DTX specifies length to be 8 inches with width varying from 6.7 to 9.6 inches. Looking for a 8 pci expansion slot case

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Computer Case FAQ. What are expansion slots? Expansion slots are typically located on the back lower half of the computer case. Expansion slots are the place where your PCI and AGP cards pertrude from the computer case which give access to the user. Most ordinary sized computer cases have seven expansion slots on the back. Below is a picture of the expansion slots on a computer case. Antec GX500 Window Gaming Case with 8 Drive

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Best Gaming Cases Under $500 - Expose Gaming Case Type: Full Tower. Expansion Slots: 9 Slots. Item Weight: 34.9 pounds.The massive size of the case is explained quickly by just how much you can put in it to get things running. There are even four slots for disc drives, meaning you can load this case up with as much power and even have...

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Looking for a 8 pci expansion slot case Just in case you haven't read. ati 5850s occupy 2 slots, thus 4 of them wil take 8 expansion PCI slots in the BACK! Somehow in 2010 they standadizedThe 7 slot thing is WAY older than 2010. I'm pretty sure it was in the ATX 1.0 spec way, way back in 1995. The good news is that with the popularity of... Antec GX500 Window Gaming Case with 8 Drive Bays, 7 … * Expansion Slots: 7. * Front Panel Ports: 2 x USB 3.0, Audio In/Out. * Cooling System.PRICE and MISC: I paid 59 USD for this case which seems a bit on the high side BUT this case has so much room, easy to work with and all around a great case. Is there any case with 8-9 expansion slots and... - Linus… And I thought most cases capped out at 7 slots. Plus isn't noise going to be an issue no matter what if you're running 4+ expansions?Not that I know of anyway.... but the Phanteks Enthoo Pro had 8 slots but with no sound dampening. Most cases only have around 7. PC case with 8 expansions slots? | Yahoo Answers

The Graphite Series 600T makes it easy to build a world-class gaming system. With excellent cooling from the dual 200mm fans, eight PCIe expansion slots to accommodate multiple graphics cards, and plenty of room for large, power-hungry components, the Graphite Series 600T can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Logisys 5 Bay 4 Expansion Slots mATX Mid Tower Computer Case ... Buy Logisys 5 Bay 4 Expansion Slots mATX Mid Tower Computer Case, 480W 20+4-pin PSU at be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Rev 2 Full Tower Case Review Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L Compact ATX Case Review. Wed. Apr, 10 | 14 . ... the 8 expansion slots of full ATX and a fan mount populated by a 140 mm Silent Wings 3 fan. The PSU mount is unusual ... InWin EFS Series - In Win Development