2 meter skeleton slot antenna

In this paper, we presented the design of slot antenna fed by microstrip line. The designed antenna has the frequency range from GHz.In the Second ARRL Antenna Compendium, Russell Prack K5RP wrote an .. the Fourth ARRL skeleton slot antenna uhf Antenna Compendium "The Double Magnetic Slot Antenna for 80 ..Thread Tools. Re: Slot antenna using HFSS A Folded Skeleton Sleeve Dipole for 40 and 20 Meters

The 2-Meter Slot-Cube Antenna - w6nbc.com folded skeleton-slot antenna. Halos are normally horizontally polarized. This antenna is vertically polarized by feeding the top and bottom loops in parallel (see Figure 1 ). Incidentally, this is a great antenna for 2-meter repeaters, which require vertical polarization. The copper pipe loop portion of the skeleton-slot antenna is the equiva- Skeleton Slot Antenna : Skeleton Slot Antenna - The DXZone.com Skeleton Slot Antenna is a curation of 4 resources about , HF Skeleton Slot, VHF Skeleton Slot Antenna, About Skeleton Slot Antenna, Skeleton Slot yagi Stack . Resources listed under Skeleton Slot Antenna category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators.

A Hawaii-based Amateur Radio Antenna Blog focusing on the theory, design, and use of homemade antennas. Thursday, February 25, 2016 Simple Ham Radio Antennas--Slot antenna parabolic dish based 2m 440.

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An HF Skeleton slot antenna by Don Wilks, G3VCG

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The skeleton slot was developed in the UK for TV use soon ...

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73 Magazine (May 1980) - Internet Archive

DG7YBN - 144 MHz YU0B Beam Simulating the YU0B 11+11 Beam with Skeleton Slot Driven Element. the Origin I believe this antenna is a result of the efforts of the Belgrad radio amateurs to create an improved antenna for working 2 m EME. With the K8AT skeleton slot driven double boom Yagi as a starting point. As the K8AT antenna 2nd Hand Ham Shop - Posts | Facebook

Florida Man Hates Amateur Radio | Hackaday Dec 12, 2016 ... I have an antenna that goes all the way down to 80 meters and it's small enough to .... 2. Vote to have HOA dismantled. 3. Profit. It may take several years, but its worth the effort. ..... Cut a skeleton slot into the thermal barrier. jaybeam photos on Flickr | Flickr Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "jaybeam" Flickr tag. AMES Type 85 - Wikipedia The AMES Type 85, also known by its rainbow code Blue Yeoman, was an extremely powerful ... ROTOR initially envisioned two phases, the first using upgraded World War II .... goals required a parabolic reflector that was 75 by 50 feet (23 by 15 m). ... This fed the antennas a single signal through a vertically oriented slot ...